Activision establishes private Games Media venture ‘Koticku’


UPDATE: 13/06/20, 4:00PM

Turns out Kotaku broke the news a whole ten years before Press Reload were scheduled to make the exclusive announcement – now, as we all know, that’s shoddy games journalism, and I apologize deeply on Kotaku’s part for being so bad at ‘games journalism’.


In a new move for the industry, Activision Blizzard has announced that in light of numerous “Breaches of company conduct”, the industry staple would depart from the use of third party games media outlets in favor of a new, internally-based news site.

“Koticku will be a hub not only all things Activision, but Blizzard too.” Head of Marketing David Messinger informs us in a press release. “We believe that due to games media bias, we can provide far more accurate – and for that matter, fair – games journalism, through our own venture.”

“All Koticku staff are trained PR professionals – we’re moving a large number of our Public Relations team onto the new site. These people are aware of Activision Blizzard as a brand, and know what makes it special.”

Messinger went on. “As a result of this move, we’re going to sever our ties with all other games media outlets – and encourage other studios to do the same. This is a move to really control our media outreach, and we can’t wait to reveal more as the weeks progress.”

We tried reaching out to Messinger for clarification, but are yet to receive a reply – no doubt due to Press Reload’s blacklist from the company.

So what do you think about this drastic shift in Activision Blizzzard’s marketing strategy – are you excited for the downfall of critical games journalism? Leave your comments down below!

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