Are ‘leeks’ spoilers? No idiot, they’re a vegetable.

Throughout my time as a denizen of the internet, I’ll occasionally stumble on a discussion over a topic with much contention – does ‘leeked’ content count as a spoiler?

Droves of individuals argue on either side, and in their righteous tweetstorm, fail to consider the third option – the option I’d like to advocate for today – that leeks aren’t actively detrimental or helpful to the gaming community. That, instead, leeks are a type of vegetable.

Now, I can already hear your backlash – it comes to me in visions, overpowering me in moments of vulnerability – “Laz, what are you on about? This is why you’re still working on a small site and can’t afford to move out – you know that, right? Agree with the rest of us, pick a side.” And I hear that. But, hear me out.

Leeks aren’t inherently spoilt – say for example, a nice store-bought leek from your local market. You wouldn’t see people upset at the nature of the leak, because it’s fresh and whole – the leek makes the community happy, and that’s a wonderful thing. Now, of course, some leeks are spoilt, and they can often ruin the delicious meal that a publisher has laid out for us – but to condemn all leeks as ruinous is simply wrong in this day and age.

What’s your opinion on this polarizing topic? Don’t leave your comment below, I don’t want to hear it. I just solved the problem Graham, don’t be sour.

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