Bin Weevils CEO fears for life of game after online threats

In a recent interview, Bin Weevils CEO, Richard Watney stated “I truly am worried, not just for the game itself, but also for the millions of players that accompany it”, after Bin Weevils HQ, Castle Gam, received multiple threats to the life of the game via MySpace.

“After seeing what happened to Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters, I knew that we were next”, Watney confirmed. Continuing, Watney laid out the situation the game was facing. “We at BinWeevils Inc. have an incredible legal team, and haven’t ran into any issues so far. But, with two of the ‘big three’ falling, we start to worry whether the fandom’s ability of game reproduction is good enough to provide the deprived community of such necessary Bin Weevils content. It keeps me up at night, it really does.”

It was later confirmed that, after our interview, the Bin Weevils CEO had resigned from his position as Leading Director of 55 Pixels Ltd, the game’s developing company, and had hastily been replaced with new a CEO, ‘BobTheBinWeevil’.

When we attempted to pry information from the company’s new director, we were denied the opportunity by the CEO’s team of heavily armed guards. Later, in a closed-door press conference, BobTheBinWeevil slightly assuaged our fears, stating that “We here at [55 Pixels Ltd] are ensuring that gameplay hungry Bin Weevils players will be provided with new and exciting gameplay opportunities”. Later in the conference, the Director also stated “The security and well being of all of the staff, and players here at Bin Weevils is our absolute highest priority, and I am certain I will do a better job than Richard.” – flouting his new position.

So there you have it Bin Weevils fans, with new Leading Director BobTheBinWeevil, the endangerment of the game, I’m sure, will be kept under control. As for Richard Watney, he has been reported missing for nearly a week now. If any of you come across any information regarding his whereabouts, please forward it to his family, at their in-game handle ‘TheWatneyWeevils’.

“BobTheBinweevil? What are you doing in my house? Bob! Is that a long and draughty NDA?! Bob, have merc-“

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