‘Contented Knight’ – Hollow Knight creator announces sequel to indie darling

For those in Indie circles, it’s been hard to avoid hearing about Hollow Knight – the stylized Metroidvania that took the world by storm with it’s tight gameplay, and beautiful hand-drawn cell animation.

As accolades rolled in, though, one thing soon became inevitable – a sequel being in the works. And today, on July 29th, it became official – Team Cherry had begun work on it’s next major title – Contended Knight.

“We knew as soon as reviews started rolling in – fans loved this world we built, and demanded more – so, we knew exactly what we needed to do.” Co-director Ari Gibson told us in a private interview.

“We really wanted to go in a unique direction with this game, and so went back to the drawing board in terms of gameplay. I think fans will be really excited about what we’ve been cooking up in the studio.”

The new game, titled Contented Knight, is set in a parallel universe to the events of Hollow Knight – one where, rather than ending up the void character we play as in the original game, we play the character in a much more domestic setting – the Knight has now settled down with a wife and kids, and is living a fulfilling life in the city.

“Now, redesigning the world for a different genre wouldn’t be easy – so, simply put, we didn’t. We just kind of threw the Knight in a life sim and thought it was cool. I don’t even think we changed any of the assets beyond the knight. It’s like New Donk City in Super Mario Odyssey, if in that game you had to balance a family and work life.”

While the game was issued a vague ‘2022’ launch window, it’s hard to not be excited for what will be, no doubt, a must-play title. For even more exclusive, cutting-edge journalism, make sure to stay tuned here – at Press Reload.

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