E3 2021 to officially feature physical paywalls

When you think of gaming as an industry, you no doubt think of the ESA.

A group that proudly boasts being the “literal manifestation of the games industry”, the ESA strives to be the best for the games industry – defending things like lootboxes from the claws of legislation, and doxxing thousands of games media personnel in it’s mission. But, in the wake of E3 2020’s cancellation in light of the pandemic, the Entertainment Software Association realized something – that, to stay relevant with gamers, it needs to drastically change it’s approach to the modern convention.

And so, on June 8th – fittingly the scheduled week for the ill-fated E3 2020 – the ESA officially announced their plans going forward for the reform of the Electronic Entertainment Expo – with the primary focus being, the introduction of microtransactions at the event.

“For the general public, we’re introducing a new format of ticket, and hope to see others adopt this as the future of game exhibition access.” CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis stated in a press email. “We’ve seen how the game industry has pivoted towards the use of ‘surprise mechanics’ in their titles, and are very excited to be bringing this to the logical next step.”

Pierre-Louis continued. “While the price for the base ‘Gamer Pass’ will stay the same, at $165, various areas that feature the highest-anticipated title will be locked off – accessible through a one-time extra charge of $265. This allows us to provide the content directly to the fans, those who really care about their favourite companies and titles. Another way to access this content would be to purchase the ‘premium badge’, at $995 – this gives players the chance to stay at a grotty hotel, and includes meals we prepare from the grime that collects in the convention center in the time between events.”

Finally, Mr Pierre-Louis shone a light on the press’ role going forward – boldly revealing that “The Press Pass gives you access to nothing – nothing until you promise to stop revealing our shady shit. We have feelings, you know.”

So, what do you think about this major reform of the event? Leave your comments below!

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