The Riddler’s Brain Training announced for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo SPD has announced a planned cross-over sequel to Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Age series, featuring famed super villain, The Riddler, from the DC Universe.

DC and Nintendo offices have revealed their partnership going forward into the future of the Video Game Industry. Chief creative officer of DC, Jim Lee, stated: “We are happy to be working with another extremely successful company on such a demanding, yet incredibly rewarding set of objectives”. Continuing, he revealed “Our first task is to produce a game of unparalleled success, featuring main character: The Riddler.”

“The Riddler is set to have many playable mini-games and brain training exercises, including code-breaking, solving riddles, and sudoku. The Riddler loves sudoku.”

“‘The Riddler’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch’ is set to come out in late 2021, with teams of developers working around the clock to ensure that deprived fans get that Warner Broth- I mean DC magic.”

“Engaging gameplay suitable for all ages – that is if your children love crime” – The Times

“Why is there so much sudoku?” – The Guardian

“We really get to see a new side of The Riddler in this amazing sequel to the work of Dr. Kawashima” – Dr. Kawashima

Folks, there we have it. This premiere to the partnership between DC and Nintendo will be available in late 2021, guess it’s time to start saving. Tune in to us here at Press Reload, for more gripping narratives of the video game industry as we know it.

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