Inspiring! Animal Crossing villager builds business around his popularity

Raymond Animal Crossing

In these uncertain times, no doubt we’re all feeling the pressure of the financial standstill we’re facing. Countless of us are left unable to work, and unable to gain a solid source of income to keep our families afloat – only left with two options. Do we fall to the wayside, using government schemes to keep us afloat? Or do we adapt, and adjust to the market around us?

A shining example of the latter, is Raymond from Animal Crossing. This villager had been in my town since almost the beginning, disconnected from the rest of the world on our little island – unaware of gaining cult status across the ocean, his mental state untouched by the knowledge of what fans would do to simply meet this business-oriented feline.

That was, until it arrived on the island. A shining machine of circuits and wires, Raymond was quick to snap up the recent stock Nook’s cranny had acquired – a desktop computer.

Now, as we’re all prone to do in times of curiousity, Raymond decided to search himself on Google – perhaps expecting to see some old family photos, or embarrassing images from his college life – but, instead, he opened a Pandora’s box never to be closed.

Article after article, Raymond saw his name accompanied by unimaginable bell counts – and, in repsonse, did what any entrepeneur would do.

Raymond was last seen on the 25th of May, and we wish him the best of luck.

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