Press Reload – an introduction

We at Press Reload, are dedicated to providing you the truth, and nothing but. No doubt, you’ve seen our incredible work in the field – whether that be exposing the exploits of multi-million dollar tycoons, or getting the first scoop on major industry stories, we strive to give you the deep-cutting journalism the industry needs.

Press Reload is run by just two writers – now, those in fear of us simply know us as ‘Cool Guy’ and ‘Cool Guy 2’ – but, to friends, we simply go by Laz and George. Our aim as game journalists is to provide regular content – content that engages you, that draws you in. Content that opens your eyes, even if just a little, to the inner workings of the industry.

We’re both highly-trained industry veterans, serving in this dangerous field for… well, that’s not relevant.

What is relevant though, is our news – whether it be quick news or longform articles, we want to provide you with content that grips our readerbase, and shakes them to their core. By uncovering the game industry’s biggest secrets, we prevent despicable criminals like Shigeru Miyamoto walking free.

Please note: Our articles are rated T for Teen, so be prepared for moderate violence and one swear. It’s all we get. Get out of here babies! Kids, you may stay if accompanied by an adult. (Choking Hazard)

We have two categories of articles, quick news – short and snappy pieces that are published frequently, and features – longer pieces focusing on more prominent and information-heavy issues and ideas.

Our upload schedule is as follows:

Monday – Quick News

Tuesday – Quick News

Thursday – Quick News

Friday – Feature (Alternating writer each week)

For more information on how to contact us regarding anything – literally anything, please look at the ‘About Us’ page on the site menu – Our emails and Twitter handles are provided. Have a scoop that could crack open the industry like a rotten egg? Get in contact! Maybe you just want to tell us about your cool new shoes? Go ahead buddy, we’re right there with you!

Over and out!

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