‘Kind Words’ Devs announce ‘Mean Words’, a game where you just go Hog Wild on each other

If you’ve ever been on an online forum, you’ve experienced it first-hand – pages and pages of pent-up anger fester the internet, with hatred prevailing as the first-and-foremost language of the web.

Developer Popcannibal made note of this, wanting to create a community where individuals could support each other fully, cheering each other anonymously from the sidelines – a community where, despite their differences, people could get along. This idea eventually evolved into the Indie Darling ‘Kind Words (lo fi beats to write to)’.

But, of course, the internet is fast to evolve – and while their intent was pure, Popcannibal’s attempt to balance out the scales of morality on the internet eventually went rogue.

“We just didn’t anticipate the influx of positivity, none of us did.” Project lead Ziba Scott told Press Reload. “People being positive? On the internet? It was unheard of!”

Another developer chimed in. “Kind Words mutated, and it mutated far too fast – before, we were looking at a 75% negative internet, but now it’s 60/40 positive. I post a picture of my dog online, and I don’t even get a single mean twitter response about it – that’s some scary stuff right there.”

So, is this the new normal then? Are we simply going to get used to this post-Kind Words internet where everyone skips around merrily? Well, don’t worry – Popcannibal has been working diligently since the positivity outbreak on a remedy.

“We call it… Mean Words.”

“Mean Words is exactly what you expect it to be – it’s a platform to share your anger – to vent, to let off steam – hell, even to be put down a peg or two if needs be.”

Mean Words features similar mechanics to it’s sister title, save for a few details – users are still able to submit requests (Users are encouraged to talk themselves up, for example, or state their opinion on a topic) and comment on others (negatively, of course). The mail deer is still present, however doesn’t deliver your mail – telling you to “Do it yourself, fucker – I’m on a strict schedule.”

Sadly, that’s all we’re allowed to reveal about the title today – but, in the weeks to come, we’ll no doubt have more to share – exclusively, at Press Reload.

But what do you think about this new project – is it something that you’re interested in? And furthermore, how will it affect the landscape of the internet? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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