Little Mac, sick of being “underestimated”

After weeks of not being heard from, ‘Punch-Out’ star Little Mac has resurfaced and agreed to talk to press. Discussing his once admirable reputation, we asked pressing questions to find more information about his life – and, his complicated relationship with Mike Tyson.

Press Reload: “Little Mac, how nice to see you! We were starting to think you’d given up on our letters.”

Little Mac: “I’m sorry George. It’s been a stressful few weeks, what with Doc hollering at me non-stop, that one time someone picked me in smash, and my successful ‘WarioWare’ career.”

Press Reload: “It’s really no problem, you’ve got enough on your plate. We’ve invited you to this interview to talk about, let’s not sugarcoat it, the fact that you are on a losing streak. Is it fair to say you’ve lost the reputation you once had?”

Little Mac: “Wow, this quickly, alright – Yes it is. Ever since that brute, Mike Tyson defeated me, I feel as though I’ve never been taken seriously, I’ve never been expected to win. Frankly, I’m tired of being underestimated.”

“I can win this one, Doc!”

Press Reload: “It’s not entirely accurate to say you’ve lost every match though, hmm? I’ve heard you’ve started to climb up, slowly, but ruthlessly”

Little Mac: “That’s right. I stopped drinking, dumped my leech of a girlfriend, and I feel much better. I feel like it’s my time – My time to show my strength. I’ll make my way back into the Big League, just you wait”

That’s all from our interview with ‘Punch-Out’ star Little Mac folks. Be sure to stay tuned in here at Press Reload, for more gripping narratives of the game industry’s ‘Inside Story’.

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