McDonald’s announces sequel to hit NES title ‘McDonaldLand’


That’s right gamers, it’s finally happening – McDonaldLand is getting a modern-day sequel.

In an official press release put out by fast food giant McDonald’s last week, they finally confirmed the inevitable – their hit NES release, McDonaldLand, would be receiving a full modern-day sequel.

The news comes hot off the back of a similar announcement by Dominoes last month, where they shook the modern gaming landscape by releasing what they referred to as the “Sauce code” for their title ‘Yo Noid!’ – including previously unseen prototype ROMs of the game.

McDonalds has partnered with EA for their release, and touts it as an “Impressive move forward for the McDonald’s brand, into the modern era.” McDonald’s continues, saying that “Fans of the original are hungry for more McDonaldLand content – and we are more than happy to provide.”

No release date has currently been announced for this title, but many speculate that it will only be available as part of their upcoming ‘McDonald’s Monopoly’ event.

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