Pokémon star, Mr. Mime, launches beauty brand

In the wake of beauty and cosmetic businesses sparking up left and right, famed Pokémon star – Mr. Mime – has decided to launch his new make-up brand, ‘Mimeke-Up’

Mimeke-Up, targeted at an audience of all ages, aims to promote not only love and inclusivity for others, but also self-love. Following the passion-filled theatric’s big announcement, we here at Press Reload decided to conduct an interview, asking questions about his new found fame, and his personal life.

He stated: “That’s right. After much deliberation between Mrs. Mime and I, we decided that ‘Mimeke-Up’ would establish a sense of authenticity in the cosmetic world, and create a bridge between physical art and business.”

He continued, “This is a big financial step forward for the Mime name, and it just didn’t feel right to be so wealthy without giving back. Consequently, Mime Inc. has decided to contribute over 50% of Mimeke-Up’s profit to assorted charitable organisations in the Kanto area.”

Pre-order should be available shortly. Stay updated with the inner workings of the video game industry, reading it fresh off of the metaphorical press, here at Press Reload.

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