Nathan Drake’s commendable weight loss journey in Uncharted 5

The Uncharted’s development company, Naughty Dog, has revealed their plan for a new instalment in the action-adventure series that all gamers have learned to love.

Set to come out in the summer of 2022, ‘Uncharted 5: A Lifetime On The Hips’ (pictured above) depicts the truly motivating and heroic journey Nathan Drake is forced to combat, following his excessive weight gain after the events of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

In the opening of the game, Drake says “I felt it was time. I had girls swooning over me, a body to be proud of and a legacy to be remembered, but all that had gone. All it took was one doughnut. one. People started calling me ‘Doughnut Drake’ and it was an icy slope from that to extreme obesity.”

“I had to do something.”

The game follows the entirety of Drake’s trek, from his purchase of a gym membership, to the homecoming of his once glorious self. The action-adventure game is set to have more interactive gameplay, with the use of motion controls being added on supportive consoles to escalate the sense of responsibility and produce a more in-depth game, perfect for passing time.

In a recent interview with a leading developer, he stated: “Our aim with this game is not only to broaden players’ eyes into the transformative power of exercise, but also to provide a gripping game with new steps in the industry. The game plans to have many new interesting features, but most notably, the introduction of the ‘fatigue bar’. Being a renowned adventurer takes it’s toll on someone that heavy, and without the feature, the game wouldn’t be factually accurate”

Pre-order dates are soon to be announced folks, don’t worry. I know we all want, neé, need this game, but our patience will benefit us. Tell us below if you too, can’t wait!

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