BREAKING: Sony announces PS5 to be spruced-up “Nintendo Wii”

In an industry first, Sony has revealed it’s new console to be the very same that Nintendo had released a decade prior – the Nintendo Wii.

Sony, speaking at a PS5 first event – ambitiously referred to as “The Future of Gaming” – Sony revealed it’s vision for the future of not just Playstation’s future, but the industry as a whole. A future that, might I add, looks quite a bit like Nintendo’s smash-success console of generations past.

When confronted with this issue – we at Press Reload not being the first to observe the striking similarities – PlayStation lead Mark Cerny quickly diverted our attention away from the pressing matter, pointing to the “Revolutionary camera accessory” featured in the presentation – but, upon further inspection, we simply found it to be an EyeToy camera painted white.

Regardless of the similarities, the hardware specs speak for themselves – the Playstation 5 will be the exclusive platform to experience Mario Galaxy with raytracing.

Be sure to keep updated on this story as it unfolds, exclusively at Press Reload.

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