“Never taken seriously” Google Stadia speaks out

“In the modern gaming landscape, so many of us are brushed away and forgotten – almost eaten alive by our competitors. It’s about time someone did something.”

In 2019, we were introduced to Google Stadia – touting himself as the ‘New way to game’, Stadia gained grassroots support from it’s local community, hoping that he’d be the one to make it out and finally abolish the market dominance held by Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft – yet history hadn’t planned young Google’s future that way.

In his first media interview since his official release, I speak to Mr Stadia about what went wrong, what he thought would go differently, and how it’s affected his mental health.

Press Reload: “Well, Google, it’s nice to finally be able to catch up with you after all of these months.”

Stadia: “It’s nice to be here, thank you for having me – honestly, I don’t think anyone else would.”

Press Reload: “Well then, let’s get right into the interview then – so, you were the first in your neighborhood to go into the games industry – I’m sure your parents must have been incredibly proud!”

Stadia: “They were! I mean, um, they don’t really call anymore, but when I finally took the leap and went into the industry they fully supported me. They even told all of their friends how proud they were, everyone I knew were so… excited. That was before they stopped responding to my texts.”

Press Reload: “I see – I’m really sorry to hear that. So what happened when you finally got into the industry, rubbing shoulders with the big guns?”

Stadia: “It was… a lot worse than I expected – I was never taken seriously, they all pretended that cloud gaming was some fad. I found some very supportive people though – CD Projekt Red, Capcom and Bethesda are really good folks, even if they try to sell me DLC wholesale sometimes. Being a subscription service though I respected the long-game a lot of them were playing.”

Press Reload: “I understand – it must have been really hard to go from the entire industry’s eyes being on you, to just being dismissed by your idols, huh?”

Stadia: “Um, could you phrase that a little bit differently please? It’s just it’s still… it’s still had to think about sometimes.”

Press Reload: “Come on – your parents are some of the richest people in the Neighborhood – your family are perfect! Your adoptive brother youtube for one is-”

Stadia: “Do NOT mention YouTube.”

Press Reload: “-is an international phenomenon – surely you must’ve been at least INVITED to the monthly frat parties the big three hold?”

Stadia: “….what?”

Press Reload: “Oh come on, you know – the frat parties! Everyone’s invited to them, they’re incredible!”

Stadia: *Looks furious, knocks over his glass of water* “I’ve got to go.”

Press Reload: “No, Stadia! Wai-”

That was all we could get in our interview with Google Stadia, but nonetheless think it provided a deep insight into not only Stadia as an individual, but furthermore the tricky world of the Triple-A gaming landscape.

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