TellTale Games reveals planned sequel to the company’s hit series

Former TellTale Games employees have revealed that The Walking Dead series had a planned sequel, affectionately named: ‘The Walking Alive’.

The Walking Alive, due to come out in early 2021, was completely abolished after the bankruptcy of it’s parent company, TellTale Games, in September 2018.

In a recent press interview, a leading developer on the project stated: “The game had some real potential, gut-wrenching emotion and a soundtrack to die for”. Continuing, the anonymous game developer informed us that “The game majorly focused on players discovering the origin of their favourite characters: childhood, early career, marital problems, debt, etc.”

“The game received so much love in early development, that we were able to provide in-depth gameplay for every single character in the 5 chapter series, including protagonists, antagonists, recurring characters and every single walker the players encounter. Literally everyone was working on the game at one point, all of our resources went into it.”

“It was a huge game.”

“In terms of gameplay, I’d say in my professional opinion, the game had over 800 hours of content,” he said. “and it wasn’t until the project was cancelled, that we realised how much time and money we wasted.”

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