The Able Sisters Cooperative, exposed.

Able Sisters Animal Crossing

The Able Sisters – a tailor chain widely regarded for their excellent quality product, adequate customer service, and eccentric co-owners. First impressions: An unnervingly sweet and innocent family, focused on providing the best clothes at an affordable price.

Until my questionable investment on the ‘Nook Inc. Getaway Package’, I hadn’t heard of ‘The Able Sisters’, and the seemingly pure hedgehog sisters who co-own the business. Publicity issues? Probably not. Perhaps the Able Sisters keep their business prowess confined to inner rings of marketing, algorithmically selected outreach targets, who knows? What is certain however, is that we are barely scratching the surface of The Able Sisters work ethic.

I’d visit, I’d buy some clothes, and I’d leave. The routine was, and continues to remain the same, so I enlisted the help of others interested in uncovering their shady mystery; Others interested in the truth. These confidential informants have been gathering information, waiting, and the masked sincerity of tyranny has rendered them questioning their identity. The Able Sisters’ power – or dare I say, Mabel’s, is growing exponentially unstable as we speak, and the informants have been missing for weeks.

“After she knew I was onto her, my brother disappeared. I haven’t seen him for a month.”

The Able Sisters’ chain of command is as follows: Mabel and (supposedly) Sabel oversee the general order of events – The harbingers of so called: “Established Accountability”, ride at the top of the hierarchy. With power they reign, organising the most elite and legally unaccounted-for crime syndicate the world has to offer, despite Nook Inc. Getaway package escapists crying out on their ‘newly founded independence and self-actualisation’ – which acts as a form of manipulative indoctrination, offering false hope which victims impulsively accept to distract themselves from the helplessness, in which they now reside.

Sabel, the less well known of the two, is always working her claws away at the sowing machine and every time I visit, I am always approached by Mabel, pressuring me not to approach her sister. This of course raises many questions, and after visits, research, observation, and lots of internal monologuing, I came to a conclusion: I needed to buy some new clothes, – that, and the discovery of Mabel’s role as the ‘godfather’, in her heinous bureaucratic network, of which human expense and morality, isn’t accounted for. 

Mabel, pictured at her weekly underground poker night.

And what would a crime kingpin be without her assortment of intricately woven lackeys? A complex – yet carefully managed system of loyal subordinates and contacts used to nurse a police state. The Able Sisters HQ, now located on selected islands under Nook Inc management, is under strict surveillance, and a grand portion of the HQ itself is unavailable to public eye. 

Mabel, whom had not yet secured a powerful enough position in the world’s political affairs, used Nook Inc CEO, Tom Nook as an Able Sisters steward and custodian – and blackmail victim. Nook himself has a distressing past, and after contemplating cleaning his slate – starting again, he proposed the comprehensive elucidation of the Able Sisters secretive totalitarian regime. He was too late. Mabel had already forged, in stone, contracts binding global icons, and leading experts in an unjust coalition under the name ‘The Able Sisters Cooperative’. 

There have been many attempts of eliminating the threat of Mabel’s command, none of which have been successful.

The Cooperative, of course, has one of the most robust legal departments to date, and lead by legislative giant, Mitzi, they work around the clock ensuring the commercial state of The Able Sisters, and their cooperative framework is never endangered. This, and the research and development department of the regime remain fairly above ground, acting out in true pursuit of the company’s best interest, but this of course does not mean these departments don’t know the ‘interest’ Mabel will pursue.

Mitzi’s knowledge of law in practise, at her multi-million Bell enterprise, Mitzi Legal™.

Mabel’s ‘interests‘ have notoriously edged away from morals and the interests of the people, approaching total control with a cruel – almost Stalin-esque attitude toward morality, at least ever since the ‘Incident of 08’, when Mabel filed a major lawsuit against fellow ‘Able Sister’ Label. The debacle left a rife schism in the family, leaving Label estranged, and without any means of survival.

“No house, no money, no family”

After the trial and it’s followings had settled, Label vowed never to associate herself with her “ethically corrupt” sister ever again – She changed her name, moved away, and tried to reestablish her reputation as a virtuoso fashion designer. Ties between Label, ‘The Cooperative’ and the ‘Tycoon Raccoon’ remain unresolved, leaving all three notable powers sheeplike, obedient to one superior force, Mabel.

Label’s ‘shareholder’ position was abolished, and the business was left under the control of ‘The Able Sisters Cooperative’. This ‘incident’ served as the unfortunate beginning of an even more unfortunate future.

Perhaps the forefront authenticity acts as a ployed pretence – a masquerade for the events that will shortly unfold, but until I uncover what absolutist approach Mabel takes, I have to remain endangering my safety for the benefit of awareness – You’ll hear from me as these harrowing weeks reach their untimely end.

“Information wants to be free – the backlash we receive is the cost of exposing the regimes of those in power, those with authority. We must fight to expose Mabel, and her empire, rather than falter and fall as so many have before us”

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