“We Finally Know Jack”

For years, the hunt for the irreverent star of the hit game “You Don’t Know Jack”, seemed like a dead end. Jack – the untraceable trivia master – has remained seemingly invisible, and until now, nobody knew of his real identity.

“He’s been under our noses the whole time”

Jack “Cookie Masterson” Johnson, a 33 year-old accountant from Tucson, Arizona has just been nabbed by the Trivia Association Civil Authoritarian Force, and is being interrogated as of today. That’s right, Jack is our very own ‘ghost host’, Cookie Masterson.

Using the alias, Cookie Masterson, the only trace of his existence is in his extremely popular faux-TV game show, You Don’t Know Jack. Even executives, producers and developers don’t know his true identity.

But no more.

Although not much of the case has been revealed to press, we do know that the TACAF is doing their very best, to ensure the trivia community remains safe, and that the ghost host’s reign of terror comes to an abrupt, yet necessary end.

Trivia fans: stay inside, lock the windows and do not answer the door. TACAF is on the case. Stay tuned at Press Reload for more urgent news coverage, exposing and detailing the inner mechanics of the video game industry.

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