‘Wholesome Direct’ creators announce ‘Morbid Direct’, to air next Thursday

Morbid Direct

For those plugged into the indie gaming community, May marked a very special occasion – indies throughout the world came together for the first ever ‘Wholesome Direct’, an event created to showcase relaxing and meditative game projects from countless developers.

The presentation received critical success, with gamers citing it as a light shining through the darkness of our modern world. Wanting to maintain this momentum created by the first event, Wholesome Games have been spending the last month contacting developers in preparation for their next big event – this time, with a twist.

Titled the ‘Morbid Direct’, this digital event focuses heavily on games with gruesome content – with titles such as ‘The Binding of Isaac’ and ‘Super Meat Boy’ making an appearance to update fans on the progress of their current projects. Furthermore, a number of mystery projects have been announced to be in attendance at the event from renowned indie developers – with devs like Chucklefish and Nintendo showing off previously-unseen titles, in what might be one of the biggest indie events of the year.

Make sure not to miss this incredibly exciting event when it airs, on July 16th – exclusively, at Press Reload.

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