“Why didn’t anyone tell us about microtransactions?” Nintendo calls out on social media

Nintendo angry tweet

Nintendo, unlike any other company in the industry, is known for their lack of microstransactions – and are heralded for their timeless ability to create stellar gaming experiences without resorting to the manipulative techniques adopted by the majority of the industry. But, as it turns out, this wasn’t by choice.

In an unprecedented tweet thread, the corporation stormed to Twitter to call out other gaming companies, on not informing Nintendo on the predatory techniques they had employed in their own titles.

“We had absolutely no idea we could incorporate microtransactions outside of our mobile offerings – and for that we completely blame the industry for not informing us. You know what we’re like with new tech.” Nintendo vented on it’s official American account. “We only found out about paid DLC what, five years ago? Who knows how long we’ve been missing out on charging our fanbase for a skin that makes Mario look like a fun Halloween skeleton? Do you KNOW how many outfits we put in that game for free?”

“You know what we’re like with new tech.”


Nintendo has now committed itself to providing microtransactions in all of it’s titles, updating previous ones to reflect this change. Nintendo is planning to charge $0.79 for every alternate skin in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and update Ocarina of Time to feature a new item called the ‘Ocarina of Timesaving’, that shaves off the grind many players had to experience in the original launch of the title.

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