Xbox confirms that “Yes, we know what Game Pass is.”

Phil Spencer Gamepass

In E3 2019, Xbox unveiled “Game pass for Xbox and PC”, a service in which… wait, what even was it again?

Since it’s release, on the seldom chance it gets brought up, gamers ask themselves that same question – but, thankfully, Xbox have the answer.

In a recent interview with Microsoft Executive Phil Spencer, conducted by Kotaku, Spencer responded to a query on Game pass – his response speaking volumes on Xbox’s commitment to the platform, or whatever Game Pass is.

“Well, yes, we fully intend to support Game Pass in the future.” Spencer confirmed. “We think it’s very important that game developers and players alike…. yes… Will be able to pass their games – exclusively, on the Xbox family of systems.”

When pushed for further details, the Xbox head went on.

“Yes, I think we have a massive player base on Game Pass, and it’ll only grow as time goes on. We’re now learning that players want to ‘game pass’, more than ever, and have more social features to connect them and their friends. So yes, Xbox Streetpass will be a big part of our focus in the months and years to come. Sorry, did I say Streetpass? Um, Game Pass.”

So there you have it – even if we don’t really know what Game Pass is, it’s reassuring to hear that Xbox will provide it for years to come.

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